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Offering a fresh approach to affordable housing contracts, our #RPSource programme is simple, fair and with proven results.

100% Affordable : For standalone affordable housing sites we bring together landowner, developer and Registered Provider.

Section 106 : Exclusively working with selected high quality developers, we facilitate a fair bidding process for Registered Providers to procure affordable homes delivered as planning gain. 

Additionality : We engage with developers to explore options for additional social housing where appropriate to de-risk schemes through pre-sale whilst increasing the availability of much needed affordable homes.

As Project Co-ordinator we are incentivised to ensure a timely exchange of contracts and thereafter will normally act as Employer's Agent for our Registered Provider client to administer the contract during the delivery phase.

Early involvement enables effective resource allocation across projects and early intervention including support and assistance to developers during planning and design development. We help create cost effective, high quality, sustainable affordable housing schemes that meet the needs of our clients. 

Innovative standardised processes and automation are used to mitigate risks and increase project efficiencies, driving up quality whilst saving time and money for developers and clients alike.

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Simple, fair and with proven results.


We have a variety of clients seeking sites with residential development potential, so if you are a landowner then find out what #RPSource can do for you.


Our partner developers are already benefitting from #RPSource, so if you would like to improve your approach to affordable housing then click below.

Registered Providers

Registered Providers are invited to bid for opportunities that will be promoted via #RPSource.

Current and forthcoming opportunities are shown below - simply click for further details.

We are inviting all Registered Providers to subscribe to #RPSource which will ensure you are informed of potential projects at the earliest opportunity.


As a firm regulated by RICS we adhere to the ethical principles of honesty, integrity, competence, service, respect and responsibility.

Current and forthcoming opportunities

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