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Our Aims.

Being passionate about affordable housing, we are well aware of the challenges faced in the industry.

In recent times, inflating build costs, poor design and diminishing build quality have been hallmarks of developers and Contractors focussed firmly upon profits rather than pride.

We are aiming to ‘turn the tide’ and place the emphasis on working more closely with clients, local authorities, likeminded consultants and Contractors to deliver the highest possible standards and to achieve optimum value.
Through our extensive network of contacts, colleagues and consultants, we are now actively seeking high quality development opportunities in the local area which can be offered to our valued clients as a package opportunity.

Our aims are to:-

  • Identify appropriate high quality residential sites suitable for affordable housing

  • Lead and manage the process from inception to ‘end of defects’

  • Provide / co-ordinate all professional services required to facilitate the development

  • Work flexibly with the client to accommodate design and specification requirements

  • Engage competent local Contractors at an early stage and negotiate build costs on a completely ‘open book’ basis, offering savings back to the client should these be achieved

  • Reduce the overall scheme costs by fixing costs from the outset

  • Mitigate or remove key project risks at an early stage through targeted technical due diligence

  • Adopt control mechanisms to improve the quality of construction

  • Ensure appropriate measures are in place to reduce the risk/effects of Contractor insolvency

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